0 What to wear on a first date with a guy

What to wear on a first date with a guy

So, you have been chatting for a long time through video communications, and now you have to meet. What to wear a girl on a first date to impress a man? Here are some recommendations that will allow you to look perfect in any situation.

Light dress and ballet shoes

This is a great option for the summer. Wearing a dress you can go to a cafe, for a walk or to a cinema. Thanks to comfortable ballet shoes, you can walk in a park, and a dress made of flowing fabric will make you feminine. Select the length and style of the outfit depending on your age, preferences and characteristics of the figure.

Outfit for a first date in winter

Winters in Russia can be harsh, so here you will have to focus primarily on comfort and warmth. For a walk, choose jeans and a sweater, a fashionable sports jacket or a coat. Do not forget about the hat. If you are going to a cafe or a theatre, jeans can be replaced with high-density tights, and a sweater with a stylish dress.

What to wear in a restaurant?

A wealthy man can invite a girl to an expensive restaurant, in which case she must take care of a dress code. A classic dress is perfect for all occasions; do not forget to wear tights. Of course, in such an outfit it is not too convenient to walk along the street, so you will have to call a taxi or get to your venue by car.

A date

If you are going for a picnic or just a walk in the country, take care of comfortable clothing. It is better to choose tight or loose jeans, cute sneakers on a high platform and a t-shirt with an interesting print or a shirt in a youth style. Such an outfit will make you relaxed, give a feeling of carelessness.

Ideal chat-roulette or skype outfit

Many modern people are accustomed to making such unusual dates through video communications, especially if their partner is far away. Even when talking in a chat, the girl should look perfect; otherwise the impression will be spoiled. Of course, it is not necessary to wear an evening dress in this situation, but a cute home suit or a regular clean T-shirt with jeans will be very helpful. Do not forget about perfectly clean hair and light makeup – with such a nice girl they will definitely want to continue communicating!

When choosing an outfit for the first meeting, it is better not to dwell on frankly defiant and vulgar dresses, of course, if you do not set a goal for a sexual adventure that evening. Wear those things that will be most convenient for you, do not forget to look at the weather forecast and remember that the success of the first date depends not only on the clothes, but also on each other’s interest!

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