Top questions for the meeting with a guy

Communication between a guy and a girl is a popular topic and causes keen interest among the representatives of both sexes. It is believed that the initiative in this communication should belong to men. However, in the modern world many ideas are changing, and this idea is changing too. Today, the primacy in dating and communication issues often belongs to girls and this does not cause rejection.

Internet services for communication

The Internet has caused great progress in communication between girls and guys. This is due to a number of features of online communication.

Among them:

· A modern person devotes a lot of time to career, but it practically does not remain on communication. The Internet allows you to find time for communication, while not forgetting about business;

· The Internet allows you to overcome shyness and communicate with your interlocutor;

· The Internet makes it possible to communicate at any time of the day and almost anywhere.

For communication, the Internet provides many services:

· Various chats and text messaging services. They allow you to quickly write and send the message you want. In addition, these resources provide an opportunity to think carefully about your answers and, among other things, exchange files;

· Dating websites. Men and women, boys and girls come here to get to know each other. Very often these resources are used to meet your soul mate;

· Social networks gather people with the same interests and views together. On social networks, guys and girls often meet and communicate.

What questions should a guy ask?

The girl should overcome the shyness and make acquaintance with the guy she likes in the Internet. Initial messages during correspondence should be simple.

Communicating with a guy, you can talk about anything and ask different questions. Moreover, the main thing is not to seem intrusive, stupid or vulgar. This is especially important in the early stages of your acquaintance.

Questions may be unusual, such as:

· How much time do you need to understand a stranger;

· Do you like to swim in open waters;

· What kind of sport would you like to practice;

· Do you like to sleep on weekends.

Questions can be tricky. After receiving answers to such questions, you can better understand your boyfriend.

These questions may include:

· Who do you think is most important in a relationship – a guy or a girl;

· Do you get acquainted with girls easily, or do you understand women well;

· Do you have many shortcomings and how much time will pass to find out about them;

· Do you like a girl behaving vulgarly;

· Have you ever danced a striptease for your girlfriend?

Traditional questions are also popular in communication. These are issues that relate to family and study, hobbies and leisure, professional preferences and relations between a man and a woman.

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