Brief instruction of using Omegle Random Chat

You have to set up a webcam to use Omegle Random Chat. Connect it to a computer and get a message indicating that a new device is connected. The driver required for the camera to work correctly will be installed automatically. If there was no driver with the camera, you have to find the appropriate software components on the Internet or on the manufacturer’s official website by the model name.

Webcam and microphone settings

If you have a laptop, the task is simplified, since the driver and the webcam is already installed there. Adobe Flash Player will help you to play video in the browser.

You can enter the chat with the working camera, select your gender, and then click the ‘Turn on the camera’ button. Then you have to click on two items ‘Allow’ and ‘Remember’ in an appeared window, and press the ‘Close’ button.

Now you can use the camera in the video chat. It will be activated automatically.

Setting up the microphone becomes a real problem for a lot of users. For the device to work correctly, you have to perform certain preparatory procedures:

  • connect the microphone to the corresponding port on the motherboard;
  • make sure by checking the driver that the microphone is working properly. To do this, you should find a driver that matches the microphone in the device manager. If you have an unidentified device, you have to download the driver from the official website of the manufacturer;
  • make sure that the microphone is working properly.

The purposes of using the chat-roulette:

– relaxation. You can discuss different topics and common interests with someone in the chat;

– getting rid of fear. The interlocutor is chosen randomly in the chat, so you can sing or do something extraordinary, that you are afraid of doing in your life;

– an opportunity to meet a soulmate. People often use the chat-roulettes for dating;

This is not all opportunities of the site. It all depends on your imagination, but you should not forget about the rules of the video chat.

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