5 rules for dating online

Modern information technologies have entered our lives. Today it is already difficult to do without them, because they very often make our existence easier. The Internet services are very popular for communication.

Online communication

What explains the popularity of online communication? Online communication cannot completely replace ordinary communication, but in the absence of the ability to communicate ‘live’ it can completely compensate for the lack of traditional communication.

The main advantages of online communication are:

· Complete freedom of communication and the absence of any restrictions;

· The ability to communicate freely even to shy people due to the possibility of anonymous communication;

· A wide selection of ways of communication – from a simple text chat to video communication, that is very close to traditional communication;

· A very large audience and the opportunity to meet an interesting person;

· Communication without any obligations;

· The opportunity to build such relationships with your communication partner that will be convenient for both parties;

· The ability to quickly start a relationship, and quickly finish it.

The rules of online dating

Communication in the network in the same way as acquaintance and communication in real life involves the following of certain rules. Otherwise, it will hardly be possible to build successful relationships in the virtual world.

The success of your communication in the Internet depends on your attitude to it. If you are serious about the possibility of making friends or building relationships with a girl in the Internet and are making some efforts, then there certainly will be a positive result. If you regard online communication as a fun pastime, then the result will not be so good.

To get a balanced relationship with online communication, you should follow certain rules:

· Communicating with a guy or a girl in the Internet, try to be yourself;

· Be friendly and polite. Respect your interlocutor and try to be tolerant, because all people are different;

· It is very important to be able to listen to your interlocutor. Very often we can say much more to strangers than to our friends and acquaintances;

· Obsession is a trait that can scare away your interlocutor. Therefore, you should not be intrusive and do not ask your new friend too many questions, especially personal or intimate ones;

· For successful communication with strangers in the Internet, you have to understand the interests of your interlocutor. If the interests of your communication partner coincide with yours, then the prospects for your relationship are very good.

Each person builds relationships with other people, based on their experience and intuition, using their own rules of communication. At the same time, the main condition for successful communication is your own interest in this communication.

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