What can you do, if you feel lonely?

People are often lonely. No one understands and accepts a person as he is. Complexes interfere with full communication. Lack of communication often affects young people and people with disabilities.

Online video chats

What to do when you feel lonely? In the world of high technology, there are many opportunities for broadening one’s horizons. Dating sites help in the fight against loneliness. Chat-roulettes are very popular. The essence of the service is “blindly” communicating with people from different cities and countries.

Omegle and Chatroulette are famous chat-roulettes for dating. After entering the site, the interlocutor is selected using the roulette method. If the conversation did not work out, the conversation can be finished, and a chat begins with the next stranger. The probability of getting to the same person is minimal, because 40,000 users are simultaneously on the same chat.

Omegle and Chatroulette: which one to choose?

Any of the chats will help to avoid loneliness. Both resources are anonymous. People communicate without identity. Video chat, audio conversation with a microphone, text messages. You can choose any way of dating.

Chatroulette was created in 2009 in Russia. In 2010, the site was purchased by an American company. The service has gained wide popularity, since before it there were no such sites. One and a half million people from all over the world met in Chatroulette over the year of the site. It is clear that a small part of them became friends. In the beginning, only young people attended the chat. Cases of obscene behavior, demonstrations of exposed body parts, etc. are recorded. Therefore, developers have introduced user registration. Violators will be blocked.

In 50% of cases, a random interlocutor will be from the United States, 15% – from European countries. Not the fact that communication will be interesting for a Russian-speaking person. Therefore, there is a Russian version of Chatroulette, where Russian-speaking users get to know each other. You can select the country and language for communication. Such dating is productive, because there is a chance to make friends.

Omegle is similar to Chatroulette, the difference is that registration in the first chat is not necessary. You enter the site or download the application to your phone and start dating. You can select the communication way: video chat or text message. Immediately after clicking on “Video” or “Text”, the user enters the chat room. There is already an interlocutor waiting.

For beginners, it seems strange if they barely begin communication, the interlocutor interrupts the conversation. This is normal for this kind of service. Do not be upset about this. A feature of Omegle is the ability to select an interlocutor of interests. This option is located in the user settings.

Each user agrees with the rules and privacy policy of the resource. The service is not designed for people under the age of 18.

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