Top 5 questions for online communication

It is not easy to start a conversation for the first time. And it does not matter where the meeting takes place, in reality or in the Internet. After all, in the video chats you will not be able to seem smart, hiding behind soulless letters, because you yourself will have to ask various questions to your interlocutor.

And, of course, we dream to make a good impression on the person we like. What can we ask to learn more about him/her?

Rules of communication in online communication

Before you ask the best and most successful questions to the representative of the opposite sex, you have to consider the basic general rules of communication.

They are common to both sexes:

* Do not annoy. If your interlocutor is interested in communicating with you, the conversation will be continued, without any special effort.

* Do not ask too many questions. You do not conduct an interview, do not fill in a questionnaire, ask a question, listen to the answer, engage in dialogue, answer your questions and then again ask a question on the topic of the conversation.

* Answer the questions. Do not ignore your interlocutor.

* Do not play a role, be natural. Do not lie, even if you really want to make your partner love you. Your partner will just get confused. Sincerity is the right step to a successful acquaintance.

We now turn to the list of questions that will help you in online communication with the representatives of the opposite sex.

Top 5 questions

In fact, there are no precise instructions for conducting a conversation. And it is impossible to choose the best questions for communication. But to maintain the conversation, you can ask simple, non-binding questions:

– Do you often come here?

– How do you spend your free time?

– What do you think about extreme sports?

– What is your favorite movie?

To determine the intentions of the interlocutor, you can ask questions – ‘What do you think about?’

Answering questions, do not forget to ask the opinion of the interlocutor on them. The construction of “And you?” still did not let anyone down. Be open, ask about hobbies, and share your thoughts about the topic.

Remember that you should not immediately ask about the level of income, financial situation, future plans, the desire to have children, etc. It will simply scare your interlocutor. It is also better not to start a conversation on religious, social and political topics.

Just start a conversation and you will be able to make your own top 5 best questions.

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