The Biggest Disadvantage of Random Chat

In the today’s world, it is almost impossible to imagine our life without Internet. We are looking for a job through social networks; we communicate with friends online; we learn information from digital sources. Does it make sense to search for love on the Internet? Finding your partner online is not considered to be something immoral and provoking mockery anymore. Since a lot of people spend a huge amount of time on the Internet, little surprise that the relationship can begin with an innocent correspondence online. What are the risks and disadvantages of virtual dating on random video chat sites? Let us get all this straightened out.

People with a Past

It is sad that most people register on dating websites because life is not a bed of roses. Someone has problems with communication; someone is not confident in himself or even has this “brain freeze” when sees a representative of the opposite sex. In addition, many people try to solve their problems through new acquaintances. Having communicated on the Internet, you will understand that some people use a random video chat as the only communication channel after a serious divorce or break up, someone wants to assert themselves, and overcome their fixations.  


Not all users provide truthful information on online dating platforms. The majority of people tries to disguise their shortcomings and pretend to look better than they are in real life. Fake photos, untruthful information, and insincere communication – these are some of the risks of online acquaintances. However, it is not the worst thing that can happen. For the sake of money, some users can cheat on you pursuing their mercenary goals. It is impossible to understand if you are lied to.

Fake Profiles

The Internet makes it possible for people to promote their imaginary character. They can attribute to themselves other people’s merits, create an image of what they are not in reality, and hide facts from their biography. The Internet perfectly fits these purposes. So when the time for the face-to-face meeting comes, you get nothing but disappointment! Unfortunately, when communicating online, it is impossible to understand if a person lies or not.

How to Avoid All the Risks?

To minimize all the risks when using the services of an online dating website, we strongly recommend you to follow these recommendations:

  • Do not cherish illusions about the identity of a person met online;
  • Do not be afraid to ask clarifying questions when you feel a person lies to you;
  • Do not be afraid to ignore people you are not interested in;
  • Pay attention to small details: date of registration, data mismatch, weird profile photos, etc.;
  • Be honest with all users ;
  • Do not be too picky, adequately estimate yourself as well as other users;
  • Use trusted dating sites that require user personality confirmation and provide a wide range of opportunities (verification, video chat, different types of correspondence, etc.).

And most importantly, we should rely on dating websites only, because they are just one of the many ways to find a partner for life! Do everything smartly!

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