0 The advantages of Olive over other apps

The advantages of Olive over other apps

Olive is a video chat where you will make many new friends and find a soulmate, share the latest news with your new acquaintances, and improve your English speaking skills. What are the advantages of this mobile application over other programs? Why choose Olive for regular socializing with pretty girls and men?

The benefits of Olive

The main advantage is a large number of users from different countries of the world. Here you can communicate with a native speaker of perfect English, as well as with charming French, Italians, and Spaniards users from the farthest corners of our planet. This will allow you to learn a lot about life in other countries, national characteristics and mentality. In addition, such a chat will be a great opportunity to practice foreign languages.

The absence of language barriers is another advantage. Do not worry if you only know Russian, because the chat has a built-in automatic translator that will help you in your correspondence. Now you are guaranteed to understand your interlocutor, and he can study your thoughts on a particular occasion.

You can share an unlimited number of photos with the people you like. This allows you to start a dialogue with the user about travel, hobbies, nature and other interesting things.

If you like the interlocutor and you do not want to lose touch with him, just add him to your friends list. There can be an unlimited number of people on such a list. At any time you can write or call your new friend to continue the conversation you started.

Unlike other chat rooms, most of the features in Olive are free. This means that you can talk to people without restrictions. Even at night, there is high activity here, because many people live in different time zones.

Strict and vigilant moderators work in the chat, so your communication will be really comfortable and friendly. Men and girls, representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation, persons with disabilities will feel safe.

What should you keep in mind?

Olive offers unlimited communication only to adults. If you are under 18, sooner or later your account will be blocked. It is also important to be respectful to other users. Do not show racial, social, gender discrimination, do not insult other participants, even if you do not like them in any way. It is forbidden to send erotic photos and other materials in the chat, as well as to be without clothes.

Thus, Olive is a place for friendly and comfortable communication with attractive girls and interesting men. You can determine your location so that you can only talk to your compatriots. In this case, your chances of a real date and a serious relationship increase significantly!

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