0 How to behave on a first date?

How to behave on a first date?

The first date is always a pleasant excitement, and sometimes nerves and tension. Because of this, a person can take unnatural poses, and come up with topics for conversation to fill the silence. How to behave on a first date? Here are some helpful suggestions.

Have a good rest before a crucial day

If you come to a romantic meeting sleepy or after intense working negotiations, you will not be able to focus on pleasant moments. As a result, tension will arise. Get enough sleep, eat something, if you are not planning a visit to a restaurant, and take a shower. That is why it is not recommended to make appointments immediately after work: it is better to go home to have time to prepare.

Think over several topics.

To avoid embarrassing silence, you can think through several interesting topics for conversation in advance and even remember a couple of jokes. Let the conversation be easy and do not immediately begin to come up with a new topic after the discussed one. Make sure that your interlocutor takes part in the conversation and he is active.

Put on comfortable clothes

Often, the naturalness of a date spoils due to the fact that you are in uncomfortable or inappropriate clothing (especially for girls in long evening dresses and wearing high heels). If you are planning a date in a park or an ordinary movie theater, it is enough to wear comfortable sneakers.

Do not drink alcohol

The main mistake of insecure people is to try to feel confident with the help of drinks. As a rule, it does not help; moreover, the smell can push away another person. If you are going to a restaurant, it is enough to drink no more than one glass of wine to relax and feel more confident.

Tell stories from your life

If the topics of conversation are exhausted, tell us about yourself, for example, you can recall a funny story from your childhood or student life. It will always be interesting to another person to listen to you, you will feel more relaxed, and moreover, you do not need to look for topics for conversation. However, do not be too frank and tell something personal or not too pleasant.

Thus, behaving naturally on a first date is really important. If everything goes the right way, then the second date will take place in a relaxed atmosphere, and you will feel comfortable.

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