5 rules of successful communication with a girl

Omegle and Chatroulette were created for communication, which means that all users come to the chat to meet and chat. It is one thing to simply communicate that does not mean anything. It does not imply continuation, and even more so the appearance of any feelings. Another thing is successful communication with a girl, which develops according to the scenario: acquaintance, sympathy, love, sex, relationships. In order for the relationship to develop, go on an increasing basis, it is important to observe the following five rules:

· Positive. Remember, most girls think that a man is the stronger sex. The stereotype that a guy should not complain and suffer is alive among women. A woman is looking for a kind of good-natured defender, and not an eternally disgruntled whiner. Be positive, talk about good, uplifting, infect with your energy, give happiness. This is what ladies of all ages expect.

· Surprise. Ordinary people do not arouse interest, especially at the very beginning of acquaintance. Therefore, at first, make an effort – surprise the chosen one. How to surprise depends on your capabilities and her preferences. She loves horror movies, so find a rare but very cool movie that few people have heard of. Do you like painting? Draw a picture and dedicate to it. Squeeze 100 times, make a pizza, grow a black tulip – the list is endless. The main thing is to test the waters in advance, find out the sphere of her interests.

· Confidence. Here the animal world will come to the rescue. Look, which males conquer females – only those who are confident in themselves and their strengths. They boldly rush into battle, drive aggressively towards victory. Please note that all individuals enter the battle for the female, no one runs from the field with their tail between their legs. Be confident in your abilities, speak firmly and decisively. You promised to get a ticket to the concert, so find it. Otherwise, confidence will turn into empty chatter, which has neither strength nor value.

· Compliments. It is important for any girl to be the most beautiful, attractive, charming. Words of admiration speak not only of natural beauty. You can note the selection of clothes, a beautiful handbag or fashionable shoes. Praise the chosen one for her achievements, she probably has them. I learned how to make a new nail design, took a course in psychology, and was promoted at work to a cashier. There are tons of compliment options, use them more often and see the power of words in action.

· Listen. Give an opportunity to speak out, because your chosen one shares the most important things for her. Let it be another gossip about fellow student, a story about the new Chanel collection. Your job is to listen, assent and wonder. Such an attentive guy will definitely want to come again and again.

You have understood the main points of correct, successful communication with the fair sex. We are sure that new acquaintances will have a positive dynamic, and you will achieve your goal. It is time to go to chat-roulette and apply knowledge in life.

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